Why write a book on pornography addiction for Catholics?
The answer is simple. There’s a great need for one!

Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography

Integrity RestoredPornography is no longer just a men’s issue. Dr. Peter Kleponis of Integrity Counseling Services presents an alarming in-depth look at the pornography epidemic that is ruining lives, marriages, families and careers, and hindering life-giving relationships with God.

Read the stories of real people men, women, clergy, seminarians and teens who’ve suffered from addictions to pornography and went on to find healing. Freedom is possible. Integrity can be restored.

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Integrity Starts Here! A Catholic Approach to Restoring Sexual Integrity

Integrity Starts HerePornography addiction is an epidemic worldwide. Millions of people are affected by it. While there have been numerous secular and Protestant programs for recovery, until now, none have existed for Catholics. In this workbook, Dr. Peter Kleponis, Director of Integrity Counseling Services,  presents his “Integrity Starts Here” program. This proven recovery program for pornography addiction is the first one to combine modern psychology with Catholic spirituality.

With this workbook, Catholic readers will embark on the journey of creating their own customized recovery program that incorporates their Catholic faith in God, which can lead to lasting sobriety, healing, growth and change.

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Restoring Trust: A Couples Guide to Getting Past Porn

Integrity Starts HereDiscovering a pornography addiction is traumatic – but knowing about it is necessary for true healing and recovery to begin.

In Restoring Trust, licensed clinical therapist Peter C. Kleponis, Ph.D., SATP-C, co-founder of IntegrityRestored.com,  director of Integrity Counseling Services, and creator of the Integrity Starts Here! recovery program provides an authentically Catholic approach to understanding and recovering from pornography addiction whether you, your spouse or both are addicted.

Drawing on real-life case studies, teachings of the Church, and Scripture, this book will show you how healing, recovery and restoration are possible for each of you personally and for your marriage. Past mistakes and hurts, no matter how deep, do not have to rule your future. With the right tools, and relying on God’s grace, you can restore trust in your relationship and achieve lasting freedom.

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