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Therapist Gian Milles Featured on Relevant Radio

On April 17th, Integrity Counseling Services’ licensed therapist Gian Milles, MS, LPC was featured on Hour 2 of The Drew Mariani Show. Gian discussed how spiritual factors including a relationship with God and attendance at church improve one’s mental health, and how the absence of those factors can lead to depression and suicidal ideations. Listen…

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Death by Distraction

By Deborah Rojas, MA, Integrity Counseling Services — Could you handle a few technology-free days? No phone, no laptop, no music — power down the technological devices, and not because the word “vice” is in “device.” Stillness and true quiet are necessary for contemplation, the time and space for getting to know God and ourselves…

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Difficult Conversations

By Cynthia G. Dowling, MA, LMFT, Integrity Counseling Services — Many clients come to me experiencing anxiety after exploring relationships in their lives, whether they are personal, work or community-based. Together we often find that they are feeling stuck in certain aspects of their lives because of a fear of having difficult conversations. Very few…

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Stress: Don’t Go It Alone

By Gian Milles, M.S., Integrity Counseling Services — “Trauma” has become a buzzword today. If you are anything like me, when you hear this word, your eyes start to roll, and you stop listening. But I work as a mental health therapist, and I have found that there is much confusion about this word among…

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